Tajiks are one of the most ancient nations of the world. Life in area situated at the main

crossroads of eastern civilizations has given them continuous access to the achievements of

other cultures.

They are mainly attracted by the exotic of this country, its customs and traditions which have

been preserved untouched in its secluded corners since ancient times. Tourists travel to

Tajikistan in order to get indelible impressions from fabulous and even wild virgin nature.

There is a lot to see there indeed: snowy mountain caps on the background of dazzling blue sky,

green fertile valleys with blooming gardens, rough mountain streams bubbling with white foam in

narrow gorges.

In Tajikistan there are many historical cities and monuments which any tourist will look at with

awe. Another irresistible attraction is the national cuisine – a special topic for conversation. Tajik

cuisine is famous worldwide! Moreover, there you will be treated with the most delicious fruit and

vegetables grown not in artificial hothouses but in natural fertile Tajik soil – juicy and sweet as


Hospitable Tajik people never say good bye to their guests without treating them with some gifts.

You will take home with you not only bright impressions but also loads of hand crafted souvenirs

from ceramics, wood, glass, fabrics. Local craftsmen have kept the secrets of their arts for many


So as you can see Tajikistan is a unique country. There is nothing there that is fake, made on

purpose or borrowed from other cultures. The civilization has not entangled this country in its

cobweb yet. You won’t find noisy megapolises, highways, annoying neon advertisements. Mother

Nature reigns there. And if you want to meet her on your own – welcome to Tajikistan.

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